Power Control Ltd (PCL) has supplied one of the country’s leading IT solutions providers, Datatech UK Ltd, with two high efficiency Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems for its new tier 4 data centre in Redditch, Worcestershire.

Selected for their superior technology and proven power protection performance, the two Borri 300kVA B9000FXS UPS systems have been positioned in a 2N+2N configuration to allow for dual feed and additional redundancy.

The order comprised separate bypass switches, which will allow Datatech UK to carry out routine maintenance works without affecting the load and two internal network monitoring cards for remote monitoring. 

For added piece of mind, PCL has also provided Datatech UK with three year parts and battery warranty. The entire supply, installation and commissioning was completed by PCL’s skilled team of specialist UPS engineers within just a few weeks. The Borri B9000FXS units are now up and running and providing reliable back-up power protection for Datatech UK’s critical IT infrastructure.

Commenting on the recent work, Datatech UK’s Technical Director, Marc Banyard said: “The efficient work carried out by PCL means that the new data centre facility has been populated ahead of schedule. We have been thoroughly impressed with the service provided and the professionalism demonstrated by the company’s engineers.

“The technical expertise from PCL has been second to none. The data centre side of our business is dependent on a resilient power source and we have every confidence that the Borri UPS systems will provide the support we need.”

Designed and built to the highest manufacturing standards, the Borri B9000FXS online double conversion UPS can achieve up to 95% efficiency and substantial subsequent savings.

Certified by TÜV NORD Cert as one of the most efficient and resilient transformer based UPS systems on the market, the Borri B9000FXS demonstrate best in class efficiency standards. They have a negligible effect on the mains supply as they come with IGBT (Isolated Gate Bipolar Transistor) rectifiers as standard, which provide less than three percent harmonic distortion.

As the UK’s fastest growing UPS specialist, PCL also has an unrivalled maintenance repertoire and is renowned for its flexible contract solutions. Covering not just Borri branded UPS units, the company offers the most comprehensive and cost effective power protection service plans available in the UK.

Formerly Borri Ltd, PCL rebranded in January 2015 to allow the company to showcase and develop its full portfolio including its wider pool of equipment, technical services and project solutions. This scope also further emphasises PCL’s commitment to delivering tailored power protection solutions for the UK and overseas markets.

PCL remains committed to Borri three phase UPS products and technologies and is an official UK distributor for the Italian UPS manufacturer.

PCL receives direct manufacturing and technical support from Borri Spa whilst maintaining its high level of engineering involvement, which is supported by its all encompassing service and maintenance programmes and high UPS and product spares stock levels. For further company information please visit www.pcl-ups.com, email info@pcl-ups.com or call +44 (0)1246 431431

For details about Datatech UK’s tier 4 facility, please contact 01200 400600 or visit www.datatechuk.com