The UK’s leading safety expert, Arco, is encouraging businesses to place first aid responsibilities at the top of their agendas with the help of its brand new version of the ‘First Aid and Training in the Workplace’ expert guide. Available to download online, the expert guide now contains information regarding new motor vehicle kits, trauma first aid kits and electric shock rescue equipment to ensure businesses are fully equipped for any emergency situation that may arise on or off site.

Employers can download the guide to get equipped with vital information regarding BS8599-1, Workplace First Aid Kits. The standard, which was created in 2014 by The British Healthcare Trade Association and British Standards Institute (BSI), sets the minimum level that workplace first aid kits should conform to.  In response to these standards, Arco’s updated guide contains information on its new range of first aid kits, which were created to ensure customers were complying to legislation, no matter the size or risk level of the workplace.

The updated guide also benefits any company with people driving for work, providing details of Arco’s new motor vehicle first aid kits that are fully compliant with BS 8599-2:2014, the specification for the contents of motor vehicle first aid kits. The new range of kits have been devised by leading road safety experts to help offer road users the tools to treat minor wounds and serious injuries prior to the arrival of the emergency services.  

Additionally, the guide introduces Arco’s new Trauma First Aid supplies that are essential for a number of industries and workplaces such as:

Any high risk workplaces including glass and metal handling environments.

Sectors identified by RIDDOR data as benefitting from training in the use of tourniquets, including construction and forestry.

Workplaces where there’s a high chance of someone receiving a serious injury.

Workplaces where there’s a risk of an attack.

With any serious injury or traumatic bleed, survival of a casualty is reliant on fast and effective treatment, before the arrival of the emergency services. Arco’s new Trauma range, coupled with trained First Aiders is essential to reduce risk and treat those in high risk workplaces.

As well as including information on new and life-saving products available, Arco’s expert guide also covers current first aid legislation, while offering helpful guidelines for employers to follow to ensure they’re fully compliant.

Niall Robinson, Product and Procurement Manager at Arco, commented: “We first created the expert guide to help promote workplace safety and guide businesses towards providing the correct training and First Aid provision on site in case of an emergency. We understand how confusing it can be for employers to ensure the first aid kits they provide comply with current legislation and, as the UK’s leading safety experts, wanted to help by producing a simple guide.  

“Under Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, employers have a legal obligation to provide both equipment and first aiders, should an employee injure themselves or take ill whilst at work. To support this, Arco also provides a full programme of HSE approved courses suitable for all organisations.”

To discuss your requirements please contact your local sales office or for more information and to download Arco’s new expert guide, please visit