EA Technology’s Power Skills Centre has developed a specialist training course designed to address the looming skills shortage in the energy industry.

The Power System Engineering course offers a practical introduction of the industry to both new recruits and existing technical staff, helping them gain a thorough understanding of the interaction between different electrical systems and the core disciplines involved in power engineering.

The course will also provide an insight into how power engineering principles are put into practice with visits to ‘live’ operations, including a cable manufacturer, a switchgear manufacturer and an industrial private network operator.

Drawn from EA Technology’s Power Skills Centre’s range of specialist, technical courses and delivered by leading experts in their field, this programme will cover current regulations and standards, network planning and performance and review cables, transformers and switchgear equipment and technologies.

In addition, the programme will encompass asset management and protection and failure investigation, which will include a look at EA Technology’s latest condition-based risk management technologies.