Why Flywheel?

Turner EPS is part of one the largest privately owned diesel power generation service companies in the UK, offering a wide range of power generation related services that includes the supply and maintenance of diesel generators and UPS solutions.

Our Active Power flywheel solutions feature flywheels as their central technology, using kinetic energy – energy stored as motion – instead of traditional electrochemical batteries.

Active Power CleanSource flywheel technology is elegant, efficient, and economical, enabling us to create innovative uninterruptible power supplies, DC energy storage systems, and modular power & IT solutions that solve power problems for data centre, health care, and industrial and manufacturing customers throughout the UK.

Some of the key benefits of our flywheel solutions include;

  • Up to 40% lower TOTAL Cost of OWNERSHIP (TCO)

    • Active Power flywheels enable our solutions to have a competitive first cost, reduced installation and setup costs, and significantly reduced operating expenses due to higher energy efficiency and permanent energy storage. All told our solutions will reduce TCO by up 40% over the life of your facility.
  • 12x Less Likely to Fail

    • The integrated flywheel energy storage at the core of our products makes them inherently reliable, delivering predictable, consistent backup power. The normal state of CleanSource UPS is with the flywheel spinning constantly, storing kinetic energy. When called upon during a utility outage, the flywheel is ready to assume the load. By contrast, battery failures are the leading cause of UPS load loss and system downtime, because failures are inherently difficult to predict. A study by Mtechnology, Inc. showed that the CleanSource 750HD UPS is 12 times less likely to fail compared to a traditional UPS with batteries, dramatically improving the overall reliability of your operation.
  • 90% Less Environmental Impact
  • Our flywheel’s higher energy efficiency and permanent energy storage make our Active Power solution the green one. The flywheel will use 90% less carbon during manufacture than traditional batteries. The system is up to 98% energy efficient, reducing the on-going carbon emissions and resulting pollution generated from wasting electricity. And because they have permanent energy storage there are no toxic chemical batteries in your facility, nor the need to install, remove, and recycle thousands of pounds of batteries multiple times over the system’s life.

We think flywheels are a better fit for your facility than battery based solutions. Our compact footprint and high ambient operating range (up to 40°C) enable you to install it in locations where other systems can’t be – such as directly on your factory floor. And our low maintenance requirements keep you up and running longer and reduce disruption and risk.

Therefore evaluating TCO for UPS systems is an important metric when evaluating uninterruptible power supplies for mission critical facilities. Active Power has produced a white paper which will explain the relevance and impact of each TCO component in the evaluation of a UPS for mission critical facilities. Initial purchase and installation costs, UPS efficiency, cooling and maintenance requirements, and component replacement costs will all be factored into the analysis.

For a copy of the white paper, case studies or further information on our Active Power flywheel UPS solutions contact us on; Tel: 01782 657331, Email: sales@turner-eps.co.uk, Web: turner-eps.co.uk