BASECs control cable certification provides an important benchmark for those specifying and sourcing the products in the supply chain. The independent approval supports product consistency within a variety of end applications, such as connection assembly lines, production lines, conveyors and associated computer units within industrial plants. Third party certification of approved cable products is crucial to providing the end user market with peace of mind that the cables chosen for projects are fit for purpose. Gaining certification from BASEC evidences the ability of cables to perform in line with cable industry parameters.

Access vital information that explains how to avoid inconsistent levels of quality in control cables, to help you make informed purchase decisions for upcoming projects.

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The paper provides information to help safeguard your operations when specifying or purchasing control cable products, also known as YY,CY and SY cables.

Learn about the below topics:

  • Control cable design factors to consider
  • The importance of quality control processes
  • Product challenges and solutions to overcome them
  • Unified specification for control cables
  • Why choose BASEC approval

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