The new version of EPLAN Engineering Centre One (EEC One) was launched at SPS Drives 2013. EPLAN Engineering Centre One (EEC One) is the first step to towards automated circuit diagram generation for electrical and fluid engineering.

The software provides internationally operating companies with a professional solution to facilitate the automatic creation of circuit diagrams. Pre-defined standards such as circuit board elements or value sets are automatically collated into a wiring diagram based on Excel, thus simplifying machine design.

The automation software offers a newly integrated dictionary function which provides users with direct access to translations of schematics in over 17 languages and can support international standards for the global market. This ensures data consistency due to the use of uniform terms, phrases and special characters. This is particularly useful for companies with a global presence as language barriers are removed thus improving communication and reducing design time.

Efficient Integration

The connection to the EPLAN Platform is also reflected in the integrated parts selection. EEC One users can directly accesses the EPLAN parts database in order to transfer parts and their reference data. This automated transfer of data works to reduce transmission errors and enhance quality of documentation.

The First Stage of Automation

Software tools that relieve the user from routine tasks are an important building block on the way towards efficient engineering processes. Based on the macro technology that already offers options for standardisation within the EPLAN Platform, the creation of schematics in electrical and fluid power engineering can be automated via EEC One.