Visitors to The Energy Event, which will be held on 11th-12th September at the NEC, Birmingham, will have the opportunity to gain first hand expertise and in-depth explanations of practical solutions to a range of issues affecting today’s engineer. Electrical Engineering takes a look at what technologies and concepts will be on show

Rising energy prices, stricter carbon reduction compliance and the need for a more sustainable industry in the UK is making the job of the electrical engineer trickier than ever before. However, The Energy Event is on hand to help these engineers to combat the pressures of saving and managing energy in a modern industrial environment – turning pressures into competitive advantages for forward thinking companies.

Using some of the industry’s finest minds and most experienced organisations, The Energy Event offers a range of solutions from energy management, efficiency, procurement and knowledge, through to products and services. In the celebrity and industry A-lister conference theatres, personalities such as Alistair Campbell and professor Brian Cox will talk about energy politics and the universe while other top industry professionals will present the latest energy strategies required to tackle energy issues at various levels.

What’s on show?

Show partner, GAMBICA, the trade association for instrumentation, control, automation and laboratory technology in the UK, will be demonstrating how better motor control can reduce the energy consumption on many applications in a relatively short period. Other exhibitors such as the energyTEAM, Opus Energy and Trend will be showing proof points of how they have successfully helped their clients to achieve enhanced energy savings through their energy management products and solutions.

energyTEAM’s Carbon Ladder offers a subsidised carbon reduction programme while tailoring clients’ requirements and covering areas such as energy surveys, energy awareness training, strategy planning and compliance with the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. Opus Energy, on the other hand, helps organisations to monitor energy usage with its free smart meters, and also to work closely with its partners to install the meters as quickly as possible – enabling users to budget for energy usage using accurate monthly meter readings.

The event is free to attend and will bring visitors up to date with the latest technology, solutions, and regulations for energy management in UK industry through the conference programme which has been crafted with industry associations such as The Energy Institute, ESTA, Major Energy Users’ Council, Waterwise, GAMBICA, BCAS, BCIA and WTL. The event centres on four theatres.

The Energy Information Theatre

Visitors to the Energy Information Theatre will be able to hear from energy users such as Wales and West Utilities, which secured savings of more than £2m and installed accurate monitoring systems as part of an integrated energy management approach. Visitors will also have an opportunity to find out about ISO 50001 to understand the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving energy management systems.

DECC will be giving several presentations including the ‘Economics Behind Carbon Reduction’ and ‘How Energy Efficiency Should fit into a Strategy Towards Zero Carbon While Making Energy Efficiency a Priority’. The keynote speakers will be offering guidance on current thinking and there will also be some frank views from experts such as James Woudhuysen, professor of forecasting and innovation at De Montfort University, who will explain why he predicts that power cuts are coming and why the subsidies don’t work.

The ESTA Theatre

This theatre is curated by the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA) whose seminars are designed with energy managers, engineers and directors in mind to offer a basic understanding of principles, awareness of policy issues and effective implementation to produce savings. It also focuses on maintenance and management costs, which will help businesses to understand how to bring energy costs down.

The Energy Insight Conference

Here, visitors will be able to hear debate around the issues that are crucial to professionals who are responsible for energy purchasing, carbon reduction policies and energy management within their organisations. There will also be a compelling panel discussion on how the UK is set to cope with demand, and current thinking on low carbon energy sources.

The Hosted Content Theatre

This theatre will feature presentations hosted by a mixture of exhibitors including Waterwise and npower, covering water efficiency, energy procurement and including a live energy debate.

To register for your free place or for more information about the show, please visit and use priority code EPR8.

The Energy Event

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