Variohm EuroSensor has launched its new BEI Duncan 8360 series rotary position sensor that features non-contact potentiometric technology with continuous rotation, electrical angles up to 360° and dual redundant analogue outputs in an IP65 sealed package that includes a splined through hole design for direct shaft mounting.

The 8360 will suit both harsh environment and safety critical angle measurement applications, has an input voltage of 5V DC and as standard, includes dual redundant 12-bit analogue outputs with a range of 0.25 to 4.75V DC and accuracy to +/-0.6%. A choice of 24 electrical angle ranges are available in 15° increments up to a full 360° rotation.

With an overall thickness of less than 16mm and a footprint of around 85mm x 105mm, the 8360 series sensor can be mounted in space restricted areas where the through hole will directly interface with a 12-tooth splined shaft from 16mm to 20mm in diameter.

The sensor has high shock and vibration resilience, overvoltage, short circuit and ESD protection as well as magnetic shielding. The nominal operational temperature range is from -30°C to 85ºC with an extended temperature option of -40°C to 125°C. Typical applications include agricultural and construction machinery, medical equipment, industrial automation and process control.