ifm electronic has introduced a new version of its dualis vision sensor. This latest version, designated O2V, still incorporates the critical illumination and evaluation in one stand alone unit, built into an industrially compatible IP67 housing for use in the temperature range of -10°C to 60°C.

The device now offers more ways of identifying and comparing the object. Where the original dualis looked for an outline, the new O2V uses the aptly named ‘blob analysis’ to determine the selected characteristics of objects. This can check not only the presence, but also size, position or completeness of the object or objects.

The dualis O2V will still provide a simple ‘OK’ signal if the object passes the test, but the process interface has been expanded for those wishing to get more from the device.

The ethernet interface (ethernet IP or TCP/IP) also provides remote maintenance with storage of error images and evaluation data, an update option for the sensors as well as the process image for the connection to programmable logic controllers.

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