Unveiled at this year’s Counter Terror Expo in April, Harland Simon UPS’s new ProtectUPS is designed and manufactured to provide uninterrupted power to support critical applications in harsh conditions and to help guard against key threats to Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) in line with the Security and Emergency Measures Direction (SEMD).

In addition to the core product offering, visitors to the Harland stand had the opportunity to select a bespoke product specifically designed and installed to a variety of specifications available i.e. WIMES (water), MILSTAN/DEFSTAN, IACS-E10 (marine), LUL and Network Rail.

The Harland ProtectUPS incorporates features and modifications using rugged, commercially available modules and components that are supported worldwide and designed to be fully field replaceable with readily available form-fit-function alternatives.

Harland Simon UPS


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