Apollo has updated and extended its XPander range of wireless fire detectors. Designed for use in areas where hard-wired fire detection is impossible or impractical, XPander devices are ideal for use in historic buildings, remote annexes and temporary structures.

Large amounts of cabling for hard-wired fire detection can be impractical where there is a need to protect a building’s interior or where there are many buildings spread across a site. Temporary structures also require adequate fire protection, yet installing hard-wired technology in these circumstances can be expensive or impractical.

The extended XPander range includes two new products and now consists of an optical smoke detector, a multisensor smoke detector, heat detector types A1R and CS, a wireless base, a manual call point, a sounder and a sounder beacon, and Single and Dual Input/Output Units. The complete range has been granted the new wireless link fire standard EN54 Part 25, which is the standard for European-compliant radio products.