Wieland’s new wiecon PCB terminals provide a flexible, modular connection without the loss of poles

Jul 26, 2018 | Cables and Accessories

Wieland Electric now offers two new PCB terminals for direct plug-in technology, the 8562 TOP H and 8562 N. Both terminals have a push-in connection and can be connected without the loss of poles, which saves on both precious space on the circuit board and costs, since the grid can be continued without interruption. Part of the wiecon range, the Push-In terminals are highly robust and flexible due to the use of high temperature-resistant materials. The 8562 TOP H has an overall height of 6.4 mm and is connected parallel to the circuit board, which makes it particularly suitable for flat applications.

The 8562 N makes optimal use of the terminal space with an overall height of 11.5 mm, whilst the inclined conductor entry offers the possibility to place PCB terminals in multiple rows on the circuit board. The push button of the 8562 N is also visible with connected conductors and is simple to operate, meaning that this terminal can even be used with frequency inverters. Both wiecon terminals have integrated test connections. 

Thanks to the single-piece insulation housing concept, the push-in terminals are extremely safe and securely mounted due to their special pin geometry. The 8562 TOP H is available in 2- to 12-pin versions, and the 8562 N in 2- to 9-pin versions. Both terminals are also available in different materials and pin configurations that can be customised. Alongside the 8562 TOP H and the 8562 N, Wieland Electric offers another new wiecon PCB terminal, the 7060 SMD.