When it comes to legislation, over 60% of installers feel it’s hard to keep up to speed with the latest changes, according to some recent research from Schneider Electric.

In the latest data from Schneider Electric’s Ultimate Installers, 93% of respondents said that they would welcome further support from manufacturers on legislation with over half (61%) highlighting that they don’t know what the changes mean for them.

Tim Barber, customer marketing manager at Schneider Electric said, “It’s not particularly surprising that so many installers need advice and support when it comes to legislation. It’s a legislative minefield out there and as a manufacturer it’s important that we understand where installers need our support the most and then provide some meaningful information.”

Of those surveyed, over a third (41%) thought the changes to Part P would be a ‘bad development’ for the sector, with just 27% believing it would be good and the rest indifferent.

In effect, from April 2013, there are two key revisions to Part P affecting the installation of electrical products. Firstly, there is a reduction in the range of installation work that is required to be notified and secondly, to allow registered third parties to certify notifiable work.

Interestingly however, of those questioned, just under a third (27%) thought the changes would actually affect their work in the kitchen while 40% were unsure, stating the changes could ‘possibly’ affect them.

Tim said, “Needless to say, the research highlights an element of confusion and perhaps bewilderment in the market place as electricians struggle to get to grips with the latest changes. As a business and manufacturer, our role must be one of education and support and this is something that we will definitely look to develop further.”