The ever growing success of the Powersaver range of voltage optimisers, both here in the UK and overseas is instigating Watford Control Instruments to recruit more value added resellers to market their products. Promoting the Powersaver range mainly but not exclusively through a network of resellers, allows Watford Controls to concentrate its own efforts into improving production methods and throughput to meet the ever increasing demand.

The PST, a fixed reduction optimiser now caters for any three phase applications from 100 Amps per phase up to (but not limited to) 3,000 Amps per phase. This compact unit gives the best return on investment within the industry. Up to 800 Amps the PST can be supplied as both a four wire system and a three wire system without a neutral. Exceeding 800 Amps the PST is only available as a three wire system, saving on installation costs. Being a single component, this product is ideal for value added resellers with all manner of bespoke options they now offer their customers.

The PSR regulator optimiser covers even a wider range from 30 Amps per phase up to 4,500 Amps per phase.  Each phase has an independently adjustable output voltage that can set on site while on-line and load, if needed. This gives the customer the greatest freedom over the output setting and the ability to balance voltages anywhere on site.  However, more importantly in these times where energy savings are difficult to find in the modern electrical loads, the PSR regulator has a new improved control of ±0.5% of the output voltage setting, this new feature with the already existing RMS sensing makes the Powersaver, the best voltage controlling optimiser available within the UK market. Additionally taking into account comments of our installers, the powersaver is also supplied as both a single 3 phase cabinet or as three single phase cabinets where access is restricted or difficult.

Recent successes in the process field, where other competitors seem reluctance to venture, have seen major developments on the number of options now available for the Powersaver. The PSR regulator is now available with either 2500A internal or external by-pass switch but still retaining its competitive price against some of our competitor fixed units.

The Powersaver concentrates solely on voltage optimisation and prides itself in giving its customers problem free installations. Comprehensive surveys are carried out on each site transformer, monitoring all three phase voltage and currents for at least a period of seven days, then taking into account not only the installation but more crucially the loads themselves. Most sites have an assortment of equipment, different types, ages and origins of manufacture, all need to taken into consideration, this includes any critical equipment. We do not want anybody stuck in a lift. It has happened but not to us. We are pleased to say, that this seems to be a growing trend now being adopted by some (but not all) of our competitors and can only be good for the industry. We do, if requested look at other site issues such as harmonics, however if these customer do have a harmonic problem then we have other products specifically for those issues. Unless requested we would not burden the Powersaver with additional cost overhead. We have found that in the majority of sites, harmonics do not cause serious enough issue for intervention and on sites where it does the customers have already taken care of it.

Having manufactured voltage control products such as Voltage stabilisers, regulators and conditioners for the last 60 years, gives Watford Control an insight into this market that most of their competitors do not possess.  

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