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Mar 19, 2013 | UPS & Standby Power

When Host-it purchased a 48,000 sq. ft. property in the heart of Milton Keynes to house a new data centre to further company growth and support ever-increasing consumer demands, the need for a robust, reliable and energy efficient power supply was obvious.

What was less obvious was whether the property’s existing power distribution panels could successfully be modified to accommodate the first phase of the project.

Host-it had invested in this exciting new project with the aim to not only drive business growth but to design a data centre that would be more efficient in terms of space, power and energy consumption. The components of the existing power distribution system, which comprised two large LV panels, five UPS systems, two generators and many distribution boards, were in varying degrees of repair. It was difficult to ascertain whether a completely new system would be required to achieve the Company’s objectives. Having worked together previously, Host-it drafted in UPS engineering experts, Carter Sullivan to design and install a critical power infrastructure that could deliver resilient power.

Rather than designing a completely new system, Carter Sullivan spent time assessing the existing equipment to determine what could be saved to reduce unnecessary expenditure. The existing UPS systems were at end of life and could no longer be supported by the manufacturers. The systems were removed and scrapped in accordance with current legislation.  Although the removal of the redundant UPS was costly, the value of the scrap batteries more than covered the expense. In contrast, following extensive load bank testing and a comprehensive refurbishment, the generators were all fully operational and compliant with latest standards. Specialist contractors carried out the servicing and repair of these components.

The existing main LV panels had originally supplied separate parts of the building but within the new scheme, full N&N redundancy was achieved by incorporating the two LV panels and original generators. To develop this infrastructure, which was supported by two Eaton 9395 UPS systems, Carter Sullivan designed and built two bespoke generator distribution panels, a new external maintenance bypass switch and commissioned two new generator controllers, which would integrate with the original LV panels.

Andrew Bishop, Managing Director of Nuco Technologies Ltd (Host-it) said, “Carter Sullivan offered us a professional and comprehensive solution, which exceeded our expectations. Their extensive experience enabled them to fully understand our requirements and maximise the use of the existing equipment whilst identifying key aspects that needed replacing or upgrading. They also ensured the solution they deployed fitted within the overall power and data centre project. We are happy to recommend them and look forward to working with them on the next phase of this project.

The cost-effective design and ongoing maintenance of this critical power infrastructure assures Host-it that should a generator, UPS or even a LV panel fail, the data centre will remain fully operational. The Company can now operate a data centre that allows for future expansion without the threat of downtime.

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