UPS units playing a key role at new data centre facility

Apr 2, 2013 | UPS & Standby Power

Borri has been named as the primary UPS supplier for a major new start-up co-location facility in Reading

Launched by Everest Data Centres, the first phase of the 6.5MVA data centre is due to be operational by this summer. It will have the potential to house up to 1,000 rack footprints, capable of supporting rack power densities up to 35kW with separate A+B power supplies. Borri has so far been commissioned to supply ten  B9600FXS units, which make up a total of 4MVA – Borri’s B9600FXS UPS systems are suitable for almost any type of load accepting a power factor (PF) of either 0.9 leading or 0.9 lagging.

This flexibility ensures that the units can achieve high efficiency even at low loads, which is essential for any new data centre running on a dual corded A+B configuration. This formation will deliver complete redundancy at all times, removing any single points of failure from the co-location site.

In addition, the B9600FXS units will provide Everest Data Centres with the flexibility of choosing when to run the units in online double conversion or ECO mode, to further reduce energy costs, depending on the load requirements throughout the lifecycle of the data centre.

Impressive performance

Commenting on the new venture, Everest Data Centre owner, Ed Butler said, “The launch of this new co-location facility in Reading is an extremely exciting time for the business. We have put a lot of time into the design and are confident that we will have one of the most resilient data centre infrastructures along the M4 corridor.

“Borri has an impressive reputation within the data centre market for delivering reliable back-up power solutions. Not only this, but the company has an unparalleled understanding of the demands and environmental pressures placed on data centres and knows the precise requirements for the chosen UPS systems.

“We have been thoroughly impressed with the performance and efficiency of Borri’s B9600FXS range and the quality of service we have been provided with has been second to none. We look forward to continuing to work with Borri for many years to come.”

Borri’s B9600FXS UPS units have been certified by TÜV NORD Cert as one of the most efficient and resilient transformer-based UPS systems on the market. They have a negligible effect on the mains supply as they come with IGBT (isolated gate bipolar transistor) rectifiers as standard, which provide less than three percent harmonic distortion.

All of Borri’s 3-phase UPS systems come with a three year manufacturer’s warranty, which can help to reduce any unplanned maintenance costs. Borri’s UPS systems (from 60kVA to 6.4MVA) have also earned themselves a place on the government’s Energy Technology List (Part of the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme).

The ETL provides users with a list of the most efficient technologies/products available and also offers significant tax incentives to those users who invest in products which are listed.


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