UPS specialist given the green light to protect traffic control systems

Nov 18, 2014 | UPS & Standby Power

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) specialist, Harland Simon UPS, has created a new range of UPS systems for Siemens. The new UPS’s have enabled Siemens to offer critical protection within key traffic control systems to local authorities across the UK, reducing the chances of accidents and traffic congestion in the event of power failure.
To cope with increased traffic densities many junction designs are growing more complex and are becoming increasingly dependent on active traffic control to maintain intersection safety. The consequential need to guard against power failure is a growing factor in intersection design and although there have been some UPS deployments in the past, Siemens saw a need for a dedicated solution targeted at the Traffic Control market. By teaming up with Harland Simon UPS, Siemens have been able to call upon an expert  UPS supplier to deliver a high specification solution based on the Harland ProtectUPS – T – which can be adapted to meet specific demands that are available in 500W, 1000W and 2000W versions.
Keith Manston, head of product management, for Siemens in Poole said the need to protect critical traffic infrastructure in the event of power failures meant their UPS systems needed to ‘set the standard’  which led to the company working with Harland Simon UPS to develop the Harland ProtectUPS – T.
“New and complex junction designs are being increasingly risk-assessed by local authorities and the agencies working for them and where a power-loss risk is identified, UPS’s are being specified. Historically there were no purpose-built UPS solutions on the market and we saw an opportunity to create a range with key performance benefits that we could offer. The Harland Simon system offers a good power range aligned to our needs but, critically, comes equipped with the new high-efficiency Lead Crystal Batteries. These provide performance in extreme temperatures, are fully rechargeable, environmentally friendly and have a five year lifespan at +40 degrees C. Traditional lead acid batteries struggle to operate effectively at very low or very high temperatures which of course is a major issue for traffic signalling UPS’s.
“We exhibited the new UPS systems at the Traffex Show to see what local authorities thought and there was real interest in them, effectively opening a market for this type of UPS solution, which is becoming increasingly popular and which we plan to build on further,” said Keith.
Not only better performing across a range of measures, unlike traditional lead acid batteries which are potentially hazardous to handle and transport as a result of the acid contained within them, the new Lead Crystal batteries contain no toxic fluids, cadmium or antimony, are up to 99% recyclable and are ISO 14001 certified.
The new Harland ProtectUPS – T from Harland Simon uses the mains power to maintain the charge in the Lead Crystal batteries at an optimum level, helping to maximise battery life.
In the event of a power failure the system switches seamlessly to the backup batteries without interrupting the power to the traffic controller, ensuring there is no disruption to normal traffic control. On restoration of the site power, the system automatically switches back to mains power and begins to re-charge the batteries.
During the design stage Harland Simon UPS worked closely with Siemens in order to maintain brand consistency and make the system compatible with their existing cabinets. A modular framework, UPS and battery trays can be supplied in kit form and built in such a way as to keep the configuration footprint to a minimum according to the local authority’s requirements.
“Harland Simon’s power solutions have made the provision of UPS solutions at traffic intersections much more practical, offering traffic managers the ability to protect against disruption being caused by mains power failures at more sites than ever before,” added Keith.
Scott Billson, Harland Simon UPS sales manager, said of the project: “It’s been great to have worked with Siemens to create a range of flexible and compact UPS solutions suitable for installation in new and existing traffic control systems around the UK. The Harland ProtectUPS – T will enhance road safety and improve the traffic flow in congested urban and inter-urban areas, and demonstrates the flexibility and quality of our UPS systems.”