UPS drives Volvo forward in Sweden

Feb 27, 2012 | UPS & Standby Power

UPS supplier Borri has clinched an order from Volvo. The transportation parts manufacturer has purchased a transformer-based B9000 125kVA for its new hardening plant in Sweden from Borri’s Swedish distributors, Elrond Komponent AB, which supplied Volvo with its first transformer-based 100kVA UPS over five years ago and has been responsible for the maintenance of the unit ever since.

The new transformer-based B9000 125kVA is 20% more energy efficient than Volvo’s existing UPS and its IGBT (Isolated Gate Bipolar Transistors) and tricore technology enables the B9000 to provide less than three percent harmonic distortion and achieve overall efficiency levels of up to 95%.

Manufactured to the highest technical standards in Italy by Borri S.p.A, the B9000 comes with a three year manufacturer’s warranty, which highlights the reliability of Borri’s UPS solutions and gives its customers added peace of mind.

Borri’s three year guarantee offers reduced maintenance costs as any routine checks and faults will be carried out and corrected either by Borri or its nominated distributor.

All distributors are given regular technical and sales training from Borri so that they are completely aware of the latest Borri products and maintenance packages. This enables distributors to provide back-up support and guidance on current available UPS technologies and advise customers on the most appropriate UPS solutions for their specific environment.

Elrond’s CEO, Mikael Rockhammar, said, “We have found that the build and industrial-based design of Borri’s UPS units match the requirements and applications of the Scandinavian customer base and have had huge success with Borri’s UPS products across the region.

“Our relationship with Borri has always been very good. The company dedicates a lot of time to ensuring that we have the training and skills required to represent Borri across Scandinavia.

“Customer care is extremely important to Borri and we aim to deliver the same 24 hour technical support, providing regular environmental checks, visual inspection, electrical and mechanical testing of all the UPS functions and sub-assemblies. Our attention to detail ensures that our customers benefit from a UPS with optimum performance with minimum risk of failure.”