Newson Gale has recently upgraded its Earth-Rite TELLUS II to offer earth verification for drums, IBCs and other mobile equipment in hazardous area operations. The lightweight static dissipative polyester (SDP) enclosure can be mounted in all industrial flammable or combustible atmospheres, with positive connection to earth being indicated by a flashing green LED.

The Earth-Rite TELLUS constantly monitors hazardous area processing operations involving the handling, transporting or mixing of flammable or combustible products, whether they be powders or liquids. Operating in real time, the system confirms that a positive connection to earth exists and, most importantly, remains intact for the duration of the operation. As long as the resistance of the connection to a designated earth exists and remains below ten ohms, a bright green pulsing LED display inside the hazardous area assures the operator of safe conditions, preventing dangerous static electricity accumulation on the monitored object.

The Earth-Rite TELLUS consists of a power supply unit and controller which is mounted in a safe area as much as 500 metres from the hazardous area and, within the hazardous area, the intrinsically safe earth connection status indicator with a two-pole earthing clamp on retractable connection cables in various length options. Both the PSU/Controller and Indicator/Junction Box are waterproof and dust tight (IP66/Nema 4X). The system operates on 110V-230V AC 50/60Hz supply, with certified Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) monitoring circuit output for connection in the hazardous area.

The Earth-Rite TELLUS enables compliance with the best practice guidelines of NFPA 77 and CENELEC TR 50404 for controlling static electricity. All TELLUS monitoring systems are approved for safe use in Hazardous Areas to ATEX ‘Ex’ European/IECEX standards and US and Canadian standards (Class/Division or Class/Zone) for all gas, vapour or dust operating environments. In addition to its hazardous area approvals, the system achieves a SIL 2 Functional Safety rating according to IEC 61508 and has an operational temperature range of -20 to 60°C.