Unitrunk’s updated cibse cpd covers compliance, quality and considerations for BIM

Mar 20, 2017 | Cables and Accessories

Cable management specialist, Unitrunk, has updated and revised its CIBSE-accredited CPD presentation, introducing fresh insights for consultants, contractors and specifiers across areas as diverse as compliance, testing, value engineering and BIM https://we.tl/hdKFZ0fOmA

Unitrunk has been instrumental in educating the marketplace on the importance of selecting the right cable management finish and loading capabilities since the company first gained CIBSE approval for its CPD in 2012.  Continued engagement with the marketplace since then has prompted the company to revise the CPD, including sections on some of the most commonly raised questions to ensure a comprehensive grounding in all aspects of cable management specification best practice

Explains Unitrunk’s national sales manager, Tim Brown: “With a 50-year track record in the sector and a range of RIS (Rapid Installation Systems) products that have been re-engineered to offer faster installation, we understand the priorities for both specifiers and installers and we also know where they could reduce material and installation costs, improve the quality and compliance of installations and ensure a robust installation with an extended life cycle.

“We have an established reputation for training, both on site and within colleges, and the CPD enables us to extend that to consultants and specifiers, ensuring that they have a full appreciation of the level of compliance and the range of choices involved in specifying cable management so that contractors deliver a high standard of installation on site.”

Additions to Unitrunk’s CPD for 2017 include a full outline of all the various standards and compliance requirements for different types of cable management and the mandatory testing required for cable tray and cable ladder in order for it to be CE marked.  The CPD also focuses on the importance of channel design, highlighting the need for high quality design and fabrication to ensure that channel offers robust support for the cable management infrastructure, even where ‘fast fix’ brackets are used.

Other areas covered by the updated CPD include guidance on how different installation methods can help to reduce the number of brackets and amount of materials used and how early engagement can also help to identify ways of value engineering the specification.

Finally, the CPD includes a section on BIM, providing real life examples of how Unitrunk’s work with consultants and contractors on BIM schemes is genuinely helping to improve design, installation and lifecycles.

Tim adds: “We have invested heavily in ensuring our products are available in BIM with reliable, manageable BIM-ready data. The M&E sector is taking a lead in driving BIM and the updated CPD reflects that culture change.”