Unitrunk has launched of a series of instructional video clips to ensure that installers maximise the rapid installation benefits of fast fit cable basket systems like EasyConnect

Available to view on the company’s website www.unitrunk.co.uk, or on You Tube, the videos have been designed to help installers improve skills in cutting and forming bends, tees and other bespoke sections on site.

The move aims to ensure that speed of installation is maximised throughout the project, from preparing each section of basket for installation, to connecting it using EasyConnect’s tool free clip on connectors.

Explains Tim Brown, national sales manager at Unitrunk: “Increasingly, cable basket is the system of choice for both data and small power installations so it remains vital that installers have excellent cutting and forming skills if they are to complete projects accurately, robustly and rapidly on site.

“Unitrunk’s RIS (Rapid Installations Systems) philosophy has resulted in significant design innovation that can reduce installation times by up to a third. However, the maximum time and cost savings EasyConnect can deliver are only achievable when combined with conventional cutting and forming skills.”

The new video content provides step by step instructions for the method and forms that are most commonly used on site. The clips include very specific instructions on the type of bolt croppers to use, the method of making the cut and how to minimise ‘spikes and spurs’.

Tim continues: “The videos provide an excellent training resource for installers of all experience levels and build on Unitrunk’s commitment to supporting our customers with effective training.

“We have been delivering certified training for contractors both at customers’ premises and on site for several years and have now trained upwards of 650 operatives. None of those 650 installers had ever received certified cable management training before, so there is clearly a need for support with skill development from manufacturers, which is why we have invested in developing these new training videos.”