To mark the launch of a new purpose designed training centre at its Dover site, Megger is offering the first public course to be held in the centre at the discounted introductory price of £400 per person, instead of the normal £650 per person.

The two day course, which will provide coverage of ‘Power Transformer Testing Techniques’, is being held on Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th April 2013. The course has been formulated by, and will be presented by, testing experts from Megger who have wide experience in transformer working. It is suitable for all those who work with HV/MV and LV power transformers – the only prerequisite for those attending being a working knowledge of industrial electrical safe systems of work.

In order to provide the delegates with the greatest possible insight into transformer testing and also give them the confidence to perform tests in the field, the course includes a high proportion of hands-on work using the training centre’s transformers and an extensive array of latest transformer test instruments.

Megger’s power transformer training course will discuss the most important methods used for measuring key transformer parameters, examine practical aspects of the operation and testing of distribution transformers, and explain how to interpret various test results obtained.

Topics covered in detail during the course include transformer operation and the theory of testing, safety requirements, ratio testing on voltage and current transformers, winding resistance testing, magnetisation tests, Class X current transformers and the importance of spill current testing, the application of insulation resistance and high potential testing, and working with software to maximise the amount of useful information that can be extracted from the test results.