Tying up Loose Ends at TR Fastenings

Feb 4, 2015 | Cables and Accessories

TR Fastening is a supplier of cable management fasteners. Offering off-the-shelf industry standard competitive ranges as well as bespoke solutions with dedicated tooling programs to support new and improved designs, TR serves multi-discipline industries on a global basis and constantly develops its range to suit ever-changing demands and requirements for health and safety, cost-efficiency and weight-saving improvements.

TR Fastenings’ Cable Management Range:

PCB and hole mounted Cable Management fasteners: TR has introduced over 1,000 new items in the past year, including push mount and self-adhesive wire saddles, stand-off twist ties, tie holders and cable clips.

Cable Ties: Full standard non-releasable range, supplemented by Releasable, Push Mount, Screw Mount and bespoke sizes for the electronic and automotive industry.

Aluminium and Plastic Coated Aluminium Cable Clips: A simple cost effective method of securing cables where drilled holes cannot be used.

Nylon P Clips, Flat Tie Holders and Twist Ties:  Low cost robust Nylon 66 fasteners to handle multiple wiring and loom applications secured with screws or self-adhesive applications.