Trunking to protect data solutions

Jul 11, 2012 | Cables and Accessories

The new Ultimate perimeter trunking range from Schneider Electric has been introduced to support and maintain the integrity of data solutions. The new range has been designed to meet the modern day demands of flexibility, functionality and aesthetics in the commercial and public sector environment.

The uPVC range features loose lids on the top and base of the trunking body along with pre-drilled fixing holes to make installation quicker and easier.

The Ultimate 62 products feature a dedicated data compartment with the capacity for up to 42 Cat 6 cables. In fact, with dimensions of 150-160mm the Ultimate 60 product is also well suited for Cat 6, Cat 6e and Cat 7 cable installations while maintaining a sleek and contemporary design.

Furthermore, the British made solutions are designed with sustainability in mind with the Cableline 40 and 50 products now featuring additional recycled material in the base and other non-visible parts.

In order to comply with the DDA requirements, the product is now available with a grey centre lid, to assist those with visual impairments. It is also possible to specify an anti-microbial version of the trunking which is well suited for health related applications.

Schneider Electric

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