Tridonic has announced the launch of its third- generation outdoor drivers from the excite (EXC) and advanced (ADV) all with NFC (Near Field Communication) interface. The dimmable control gear elements for the luminaire fixture are available in various wattages and if require can be supplied with matching LED modules.

NFC technology saves programming time in luminaire production and allows units with up to 20 drivers to be configured in a single work step. In addition, both series are equipped with ready2mains and U6Me2 interfaces, while the EXC3 series also comes with one4all. Changes to the settings can be made even after installation via the NFC interface, ready2mains or DALI2 (EXC3).

The control gear elements for luminaires in protection classes I and II are available in different output powers and cover a wide range of applications with application-oriented operating windows. EXC3 drivers are available with 14, 24, 40, 60, 90, 135 and 200 W output power, ADV3 drivers with 14, 24, 40 and 60 W output power. The output current can be set between 100 and 500 mA for the 14 W version of the outdoor drivers and between 200 and 1050 mA for all others. There are several configuration options: wirelessly via NFC using Tridonic’s companionSUITE software or with the ready2mains programmer. In the EXC series, programming is also possible via DALI-2 using masterCONFIGURATOR.

The devices are dimmable from 5 to 100% via the mains voltage (inputDIM) and offer application-specific light levels. The mains voltage is selected on the basis of defined minimum and maximum dimming levels within the voltage range of 170 and 250 V AC. The chronoSTEP2 function can also be used to define different dimming levels and day segments. In this way, the brightness can be adjusted by the programme to the actual demand and reduced, for example, at night or during less frequented times.

The outdoor drivers can complete even the demanding tasks in outdoor and industrial lighting. In addition to the high safety standards of its predecessors, the new generation of drivers offers further special protection mechanisms for the connected LED modules. The Intelligent Voltage Guard Plus (IVG+) function is triggered if the mains voltage deviates from the defined nominal voltage range. In the under voltage range, the driver dims the LED module by 10 percent, and switches it off below 80 V. The module is also switched off at voltages above 280 V. In both cases, the driver automatically restarts when a certain threshold is reached. IVG+ has priority over an inputDIM that is activated at the same time. Protection against thermal damage is provided by external temperature management (ETM) via a temperature sensor (NTC) which will reduce brightness or switch the device off if the temperature limit has exceeded.

Additional protective functions contribute to the safety of the long-life drivers themselves. These include high overvoltage protection up to 10 kV as well as protection against over-temperature, short circuit, overload and open circuit. EXC3 drivers with the higher wattages of 90 W, 135 W and 200 W can withstand up to 20 overvoltage events in operation.

The outdoor drivers have an IP20 protection rating and are used mainly in street and industrial lighting. Low standby losses of fewer than 0.16 W and a high degree of efficiency of up to 95% (at 200 W) make the drivers experts at energy saving.

The 2V-Out function ensures efficient operation. It maps out two different, optimised operating windows, created via two channels: high-voltage for LED modules with high voltage requirements, low-voltage for LED modules with lower voltage requirements. This ensures the best possible operating efficiency in each case.

The devices have integrated DC detection and are also suitable for emergency escape lighting systems in accordance with EN 50172.  The drivers have a nominal life time of 100,000 hours and come with an 8-year guarantee.