Tinytag data loggers help ensure that conditions can be measured, recorded, analysed and validated. They accurately monitor temperature, relative humidity, single and three phase power usage, CO2 and other environmental parameters across many applications. Tinytags range from compact units for building monitoring to rugged devices for harsh, industrial and outdoor applications.

Tinytags for indoor use help identify and evaluate energy saving initiatives, help validate building systems performance, and help ensure the comfort of occupants. Typical monitoring applications include power usage throughout a premises; the performance of HVAC systems; the efficiency of building materials (e.g. insulation); the efficiency of equipment including boilers and refrigerators; and monitoring the performance of replacement lighting systems:

  • Energy consumption and temperature data loggers can be used to assess efficiency savings when roof, wall and window insulation is improved or replaced. Before and after monitoring can help quantify savings and identify specific areas of improvement.
  • Count data loggers can help assess boiler efficiency, monitoring consumption and recording profiles over time. Voltage loggers can record when a boiler is firing to help evaluate optimum performance.
  • The Energy Logger can be used for before and after monitoring to assess the performance of low power lighting installations, which can be a very effective means of reducing energy consumption.
  • The Energy Logger and temperature loggers can be used to assess the efficiency of refrigerators, recording power usage against temperature. Count loggers can be used to record and monitor door openings which will affect the energy performance of a particular area.
  • The Energy Logger can assess energy usage typically before and after items are repaired/serviced or replaced.

The Tinytag Energy Logger is designed for power usage monitoring. It is a portable, non-invasive unit which monitors single and three phase power usage typically in premises with high consumption equipment. Recorded data can then be analysed to help understand how and where energy is used and to identify opportunities for reduction. It is ideal for monitoring energy consumption in line with ESOS, ISO 50001, and other energy management requirements. The Energy Logger can be used to monitor individual equipment, to help build consumption profiles, monitor electrical distribution and provide sub-metering information.

Stand-alone Tinytags record data which is downloaded via a USB cable to a PC for analysis. Recorded data is presented initially in graphs and tables in the easy to use Tinytag Explorer Software. Data can easily be exported to popular software packages and results from separate logging runs can be combined for comparison and analysis.

Tinytag radio data loggers are ideal for use in premises requiring multiple monitoring points. The Radio System automatically gathers data using wireless communications. Data can be viewed directly on a PC, across a Local Area Network, or remotely across the internet. Radio loggers monitor temperature, RH, count, low voltage and current, and include discreet units for indoor monitoring in areas such as offices, and weatherproof units for use outdoors and in industrial areas.


Stand-alone temp/RH loggers typically from £99 +VAT, CO2 loggers from £325 +VAT.

Radio logger bundles: 3 loggers/receiver/software from £1000 +VAT.

Tinytags are manufactured in the UK by Gemini Data Loggers.


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