Tight and secure ferrule crimping – irrespective of cable type

Jun 6, 2022 | Cables and Accessories

We’ve all come across the situation where bootlace ferrules don’t seem to grip the cable enough and in worst case can be pulled off. This in the main is due to the crimping profile of traditional ratchet tools being of a fixed dimension. When a cable is slightly smaller in physical diameter, there is less material in the ferrule and the fixed tool profile doesn’t compress it enough.

The new range of manual crimping dies in the K507WF ratchet tool have been specially designed to grip onto every cable type using a clever comb shaped die. Covering the range from 0.5mm2 – 50mm2 over 3 die sets, the result is a square shaped cable end which is the perfect size to fit into terminal contacts – allowing for maximum clamping and electrical contact.

The crimping width has also been thought about enabling most ferrules to be crimped with a single action. The clever design folds any excess material inwards towards the cable – leaving a perfect square shape every time. Another advantage is that the ferrules are easily removed from the die after crimping so the days of ferrules sticking in the die are over!

The 3 dies AE5071 (0.5-6mm2), AE5072 (10, 16 & 25mm2) and AE5073 (35 & 50mm2) cover the single ferrules and for double entry ferrules the ZAE5072 has these covered for 6, 10 & 16mm2. Storing neatly in the handles, the spare dies are always on hand. The K507WF is the smart choice combining 3 tools into 1 and producing secure electrical connections.

For users of the popular battery powered Klauke Micro tool EK50ML, these new dies will fit perfectly into the jaws.