Testament to the high quality workmanship of Power Continuity’s bespoke standby generators, all new custom built generator power protection systems installed by Power Continuity come with a three year warranty offering the client total peace of mind. This follows the longstanding three year warranty on installed UPS systems.

Every Generator built is bespoke for your site requirements. Whether 12 hour or 72 hour bunded fuel tanks, it’s no issue for Power Continuity. They recently installed a major generator installation for a client deep inside their exiting building.

When selecting a new UPS system for your brand new datacentre or mission critical business operations, the vast majority of customers consider traditional static battery uninterruptible power supplies. However there are a relatively wide range of rotary UPS systems available, which offer a number of benefits over static UPS. The question is, when is one more suitable than another? Let’s discuss some of most common considerations.

The fundamental difference between rotary and static UPS (as the name suggests) is that static UPS use chemical stored power (in the batteries) in the event of a power cut whereas rotary UPS use the stored kinetic energy of a spinning flywheel. Rotary UPS have a relatively low redundancy (typically 15-30 seconds) on their own and are therefore normally coupled with a generator to provider longer autonomy.

All the acoustic attenuation, ventilation and silencers were built and installed by our own engineers.

Our factory trained engineers carry out regular planned and preventative maintenance to ensure our Clients’ power protection systems are always ready for when the mains power goes off.

A potentially greater benefit with rotary UPS is the fact that they cope with “unclean” building loads a lot better than static UPS’s: a rotary UPS can literally take the entire building’s load including lighting, air conditioning, motors without any detrimental effect to the UPS or loss of load for the customer. Whereas generally only equipment such as servers, super computers, etc are connected to static UPS’,

The redundancy allows sufficient time for the generator to start up and accept the full load without affecting the output to the customer. On their own, a rotary UPS can provide a “ride-out system” for short outages and brownouts. For prolonged outages you need a rotary UPS and generator.

The main benefit with rotary UPS is that you do not have to replace the VRLA batteries every 4-10 years, which can be a considerable capital expenditure.

Power Continuity provide both static and rotary UPS and will provide you with the necessary guidance to choose the best system for your particular needs.

UK Power supplies have never been so precarious, with warning after warning that the National Grid no longer has sufficient resilience to maintain 100% coverage across the UK in the face of severe weather conditions or unexpected events.

Although this is bad news for a lot of people, it is potentially good news for companies with power protection as it provides you with the opportunity of earning money by providing a STOR (Short Term Operating Reserve) project for National Grid. This means that National Grid will pay you a set amount each year for the ability to call upon your standby generators to temporarily increase the Grid’s capacity.

The general requirements for National Grid to consider your STOR project are:

  • Offer a minimum of 3MW or more of generation or steady demand reduction (this can be from more than one site)

  • Deliver full MW within 240 minutes or less from receiving instructions from National Grid

  • Provide full MW for at least 2 hours when instructed

Power Continuity can provide a turnkey design and build solution for your STOR project whether that’s upgrading your existing generators with a G59 connection or installing additional dedicated capacity.

During the last 12 months they have installed resilient UPS and Generator power protection systems of over 4 megawatts per site as well as individual bespoke systems from 100kVA upwards.

With over 25 years of design experience in the power protection industry, some of the largest global UK based companies depend on Power Continuity for their automatic emergency power systems.



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