Logistics specialists Wincanton plc have implemented Thorn Lighting’s luminaires for the refurbishment of Wincanton Trax Park 2 in Doncaster, with the aim of reducing energy consumption and maintenance, whilst increasing sustainability and providing a well-lit working environment. Thorn Lighting is the sole supplier for the project and has provided a variety of luminaires for use throughout the facility, including Hi Pak Pro LED, Corrosion Force and ForceLED.

Wincanton operates warehouses across the UK and Ireland, providing both dedicated and shared user facilities. As part of its offering, Wincanton works with customers to optimise the location of warehousing as well as the integration of transport operations, to deliver effective and efficient supply chains. Trax Park 2 is a multi-user site that operates around 18 hours a day with up to 80 people operating the site across a number of shifts.

The entire 10,933 m2 warehouse area has been updated, including above and under the mezzanine floor which runs along one side of the building above the loading bays, plus the open plan marshalling areas and racking aisles. Hi Pak Pro LED, a highly efficient, robust and low maintenance high bay has been installed in the warehouse to provide 18500 lumens with both open area and rack optics for precise control. The luminaires have been fitted with sensor control for occupancy and daylight dimming in both narrow beam and wide angle beam to maximise energy efficiency. A special Rack optic has been used to channel the light down between the racks where the gap in the racks is around 2.5m. Hi Pak Pro LED provides up to 135Llm/W to achieve significant energy savings when compared to the original 400W SON high bays and the on board thermal management system ensures LED performance and a lifetime of over 50,000 hours.

Thorn’s ForceLED, a compact luminaire with an IP66 rated watertight seal, has been utilised for the ends of racking. The luminaires have a unique prismatic diffuser and wireless integrated controls to offer higher energy savings via presence-based dimming. The highly efficient LEDs (~120Llm/W) incorporated in ForceLED luminaires ensure further reduce energy consumption and costs and a long service life of over 50,000 hours. Corrosion Force 7000 LED’s are providing illumination for he loading area canopy. Corrosion Force is a high performance, IP65, dust and moisture proof, corrosion resistant luminaire with a GRP canopy and PMMA diffuser that can be used in all atmospheres, including those laden with salts, acids and mineral oils. Its unique shape and flush toggle design promotes easy cleaning, whilst the design of the gear tray ensures quick and simple maintenance. A switchlite PIR sensor has been linked to the Corrosion Force for on/off switching in response to occupancy and daylight.

Site electricity consumption has dropped 60% since the installation of Thorn’s LED luminaires and Wincanton plc is very pleased with the results. Tom Crossland, site manager at Trax Park 2, commented “We find the “whiter” quality of the LED lighting is favoured by our colleagues, and it is a visible sign that Wincanton is investing in the site, and also committed to its environmental programme.

“We’ve had a good response from colleagues as a result and the feedback is that the upgraded site is ultimately a brighter and more pleasant place to work”.