With over 20 years experience in delivering power protection solutions, the recently rebranded Power Control Ltd (PCL), prides itself on being much more than just an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) supplier.

The company has fast become recognised for not only delivering industry performing emergency power systems but also providing highly sought after, cost effective turnkey project solutions and technical services. It is this broad experience that formed the catalyst behind the company’s decision to rebrand.

Now in its sixth year of being a Borri UPS distributor, PCL made the strategic decision to trade as Borri Ltd in 2009 to give the Borri brand maximum exposure. During this period the company has successfully cemented the Borri UPS range at the forefront of the UK market. Borri UPS are now highly sought after within many data centre infrastructures across the country and are widely recognised for their superior performance and efficiency.

Maintaining its relationship with the Italian manufacturer as a UPS distributor, PCL continues to exclusively offer three phase UPS technologies from Borri and receives direct manufacturing and technical support from them. In addition to its three phase UPS offering, PCL also supplies and maintains a range of highly intuitive single phase range of systems.

Aligned to the company’s UPS expertise, PCL has also placed great emphasis on establishing itself as a trusted project partner. Whilst, PCL is only too aware that UPS systems form the foundation of data centre electrical designs, it also believes they should not be implemented in isolation. Its expertise therefore spans across a wide portfolio of products and services that encompass every element of a data centre’s critical power path (from transformer to rack PDU).

This broad outlook means the company is ideally positioned to partner with organisations to develop and deliver robust, bespoke designed, total power protection strategies. PCL prides itself on being able to look far beyond the UPS and is keen to highlight its greater expertise across technical services and full project implementation.

The name change essentially is a commercial amendment to create an enhanced identity, which will aid the company in broadening its technical services.

Working closely with leading industry contractors, project engineers and specialist manufacturers PCL delivers packaged turnkey solutions for all elements within the data centre. These valuable partnerships enable it to provide an even wider portfolio of products and services for clients looking beyond the electrical infrastructure.

A prime example of PCL’s collaborative project solutions is displayed in the work the company carried out at Portsmouth City Council. Delivered on time and on budget, the data centre facility at the council took over 18 months of precision planning and implementation. Acting as principle contractor, PCL played an integral part in successfully pulling all elements of the data centre design together.

Drawing on its contact base of preferred design and build contractors, PCL sub-contracted one of its partners to deliver the onsite elements of the project.

In addition to providing complete project management, PCL also supplied and commissioned two Borri B9000FXS 160kVA/144kW UPS systems, which have been positioned in a 2N configuration to deliver complete redundancy at all times.

With a 2N electrical design throughout, the new data centre currently hosts 33 racks and for added protection, localised rackmount static switches have been installed for all legacy equipment.

Portsmouth City Council’s head of IT, Mel Burns, said: “We have been impressed and delighted by the delivery of the new data centre. The project has been delivered by Borri to time, budget and excellent quality. 

“All parties have worked together very well to ensure that our expectations were met and exceeded. The facility looks good, utilises carbon efficient and leading edge technologies and will provide the starting point for us to be able deliver an excellent service for Portsmouth.”

The new facility went live in summer 2013 and has an annualised PUE of better than 1.5, which when compared to the council’s previous PUE figure of 2.5, the facility is undoubtedly providing substantial savings year on year.

PCL’s technical services manager, John Inman commented: “We feel privileged to have been part of such an important project and are delighted with the outcome. A lot of intense preparation has been put into the smooth delivery of all elements that have brought Portsmouth City Council’s data centre to life.

“The company continues to invest in its technical services division and is one of the only UPS companies that offer full turnkey project solutions. PCL’s commitment to researching the market has ensured that it is always one step ahead and at the forefront of emerging UPS technologies. As leaders in data centre electrical infrastructure, we have vast technical expertise in delivering bespoke power protection solutions.

“It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to be able to turn to trusted organisations like PCL for full project support without any hidden costs. Our proven five step approach to developing bespoke design solutions analyses every step of the project from initial review, which defines clients needs, reviews their critical business and technical drivers and outlines design parameters through to tailored maintenance programmes for ongoing support. 

“To ensure that all practical aspects are covered before any proposals and designs are put together, we work with our partners who carry out in depth technical surveys. Our specialist project team take on all the management of the deployment of services, guiding clients through every step of the implementation process.

“This very hands on approach guarantees that we can achieve all specific technical and commercial drivers set out by our clients and deliver end to end solutions that meet their exact requirements.”

By looking at the entire critical power path, PCL not only delivers maximum power protection but is also able to help businesses achieve significant efficiency and financial savings.

Formerly Borri Ltd, PCL rebranded in January 2015 to allow the company to showcase and develop its full portfolio including its wider pool of equipment, technical services and project solutions.

This scope also further emphasises PCL’s commitment to delivering tailored power protection solutions for the UK and overseas markets.

PCL continues to be committed to Borri three phase UPS products and technologies and remains an official UK distributor for the Italian UPS manufacturer. PCL continues to receive direct manufacturing and technical support from Borri Spa whilst maintaining its high level of engineering involvement, which is supported by its all encompassing service and maintenance programmes and high UPS and product spares stock levels.