Heavy-duty connectors from the HEAVYCON complete series are compatible with one another and can be combined flexibly.

HEAVYCON connectors protect your interfaces and ensure the reliable transmission of power, signals and data even under the harshest conditions. They are resistant to dirt, water, vibrations and high mechanical strain and are sealed up to IP69K protection.



Combine different inserts to transmit different media in one connector. HEAVYCON modular consists of over 50 contact inserts for power, signals, data, and compressed air.



The new HEAVYCON D7 housings and contact inserts enable you to transmit power in an extremely compact design. In combination with an EMC cable gland, the metal housings discharge electromagnetic interference.



HEAVYCON STANDARD are metal housings made of corrosion-resistant and conductive aluminium and are also suitable for EMC application.  They withstand vibrations and high mechanical strain and have a reliable seal according to IP66/IP67/IP69K protection.


The patented EVO-Lock system allows you to freely select the cable outlet direction during mounting. You can reduce the variety of versions required by 70%, thereby also cutting your storage costs.



HEAVYCON ADVANCE housings eliminate the need for the panel mounting base that is normally used. Here, the sleeve housing forms a seal directly with the screw locking on the control cabinet panel, and are ideal for the harshest environments.


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