The most commonly used DC/DC converter in the electronics market

Apr 20, 2017 | UPS & Standby Power

The 1W SIP 7 package DC-DC converter is used extensively in the electronics market. The most common model used, being the 5Vinput (+/-10%) 5V output at 200mA (FA0505S, 12,000pcs Ex-stock). FiDUS offer the FA series which is a product manufactured in the same or equivalent quality facility as our competitors in this area – Traco, Murata, XP and Recom. Our experience of this product in the field over the last 15+ years has been excellent in terms of reliability, its calculated MTBF is 1.2MHrs and so we confidently sell it with a 5 Year warranty.

FiDUS offer to our customers that we will hold high stock levels of these common parts, free UK delivery, free samples and the lowest cost in the market place. Product is available to order online or contact direct to discuss volume pricing and specific stock agreements to suite your business requirements. 

Our range of DC-DC and AC-DC power supplies extends from the industry standard to market leading size and efficiency. It is current with respect to Energy efficiency level VI and Tier2 for externals through to the latest IEC60601-1-2 4th Edition EMC for medical products. Take a look at our website or call our experienced technical team to help you design in your next power supply.

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