Cannon Technologies has announced the introduction of a data centre leasing service that is designed to offer organisations a solution to all medium term capacity challenges. This new service offers all the benefits of Cannon Technologies’ modular data centre technology, with no upfront capital investment.

With a minimum lease period of one year, it is well suited for those looking to temporarily expand their operations, migrate from an existing facility to a new one, or maintain up-time while work is carried out on a data centre. Based on a ‘pay as you go’ model, customers can configure their leased modular data centre to meet their exact technological and budgetary requirements, ensuring maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Cannon Technologies’ leasing service is based around its Globe Trotter transportable modular data centre solution. Comprising ISO approved high specification, containerised pre-fabricated modules that are available in 6m and 12m double and triple clamshell variants, Globe Trotter offers all the functionality of a conventional data centre in a construction that can be sited indoors or outdoors.

Maximum layout flexibility facilitates a data centre solution that is easy to configure, fast to install and minimises disruption. Globe Trotter utilises full size 19″ cabinets and wide aisles. Each unit comes turnkey ready with power, cooling, containment and cable management. Other key features can include pre-installed servers, switches, modular or fixed uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, LED lighting and power distribution units (PDUs) with N+1 redundancy. With extensive capacity options, the typical power and cooling density of an installed system is 4-6kW per rack, but can go as high as 20kW.

The Globe Trotter range is energy efficient with a low power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating. Its climate control system can use either direct/indirect filtered free cooling or direct expansion (DX) technology that can deal with temperatures ranging from -46°C to 58°C. Whatever the chosen Globe Trotter version, the facility will provide infrastructure technology for resilient operation, along with a robust and highly secure construction.

Cannon Technologies’ managing director, Matthew Goulding, commented, “This unique data centre leasing offering is the latest addition to our extensive modular data centre product and service portfolio, and one that will be invaluable to those looking for a flexible and cost effective solution to their capacity needs. The Globe Trotter range offers the most resilient transportable modular data centre options available today and is proven to provide unrivalled levels of performance, scalability and functionality, in all kinds of environments.”