As a new era of e-mobility emerges, it’s accompanied by new manufacturing challenges that require new material solutions. Only Companies with an innovation culture to meet these challenges will survive. Techsil have just released their most advanced material solutions from Momentive Performance Materials which play an essential role in the vehicles of today and tomorrow.

From thermal management and battery solutions to cable and connector materials; from sensor coatings to adhesives and seals – these innovative silicones just launched by Techsil are set to help shape the future of e-mobility and drive our new e-vehicles forward; the line-up includes thermal management materials (link to which offer very low thermal resistance coupled with high reliability; there are potting and encapsulation materials (link to which offer outstanding protection to electronic components from dust, moisture, fluids and harmful environmental contaminants. And thermal pads and gap fillers which can be used within a broad array of thermal applications or be used as an alternative to pre-fabricated thermal pads.

The development of Electric Vehicles (link to   require advanced thermal solutions; Tehsil understands these next gen challenges and are offering silicones that can improve coolant heater; electric coolant pumps and PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) air heater assembly by providing efficient thermal encapsulation, connector potting, thermal management, sealing and bonding. In addition, high voltage battery systems require the battery modules to be thermally managed; again Techsil appreciates the requirements here and has thermal gap fillers, adhesives and potting/gel encapsulates ideal for assisting with the thermal management of battery housing component assembly, offering flame retardant solutions which allow for excellent EV fire safety performance without compromising other important properties such as mechanical toughness or non-corrosiveness.  Techsil is also focused on challenges found in the Electric Powertrain development, assisting with silicone applications for the integrated drive motor/generator and e-axle advancements among many others.

Thermal Pads & Gap Fillers

TIA225GF silicone is a two-component thermally conductive material that is dispensed as a liquid and cured in place to create a heat path for efficient heat transfer. After being applied, its non-slumping pasty consistency provides physical stability to help prevent run-off after being dispensed. TIA225GF can be used as a liquid-dispensed alternative to pre-fabricated thermal pads, and as a gap filler for a broad array of thermal designs in electronic components.

TIA241GF (link to gap filler is a 2-component, soft, thermally conductive silicone material used to dissipate heat from electronic devices. Its non-slumping pasty consistency offers physical stability that can allow improved processing. TIA241GF gap filler can be used as a liquid dispensed alternative to pre-fabricated thermal pads in a broad array of thermal designs for electronic applications.

Thermally Conductive Silicone Potting

TIA208R is a 2-component, thermally conductive material used for potting and gap filling. When cured at room temperature or quickly with heat, it cures to a thermally conductive rubber that adheres well to most metal and plastic substrates without the need for primers. The flowability of TIA208R allows it to conform to complex 3-dimenstional shapes and cavities, filling voids and thereby creating a thermal path to remove heat.

Silicone Gel for Optical Bonding

SN1001 is a two-component, high elongation silicone gel used for optical bonding applications. This product will typically provide tack free time at room temperature in ~10 minutes to a soft, tacky gel with the addition of a curing agent. The soft nature and cushioning effect of this product offers excellent protection of electronic assemblies from external humidity, mechanical shock and vibration

Speak to the Techsil Technical Team to see how they can help with your design challenges. Adam Johnson and Tim Johnson (link to launched these grades at the Battery Expo in June 2022 and will be happy to talk through how these exciting new materials can revolutionise design in EV and AV development.

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