Have you ever struggled when pulling cables across a ceiling grid? It’s time to start #workingsmarter with the STINGRAY brought to you by Super Rod.

When commissioning an install, damaged cables and loose connections are the most common fault found.  Both of these issues can be reduced or avoided with the latest development from Super Rod.

Affectionately named the ‘STINGRAY’, this device simply clips into the frame work of any grid ceiling and allows the cable to run smoothly.

Malcolm Duncan, Super Rod’s MD commented “Many of our customers both in the UK and the USA run cables across ceiling grids. It has always been a challenge to manage the cable path into and out of the grid. The final solution was designed in conjunction with our partners in the USA where this product is going down a storm.”

The STINGRAY is aimed at contractors involved in commercial installations. The product is available in single units, but to get the most out of the system, most people will buy a pair, one for the entry and one for the exit.

For more information please visit www.super-rod.co.uk