External backup fuses for Surge Protection Devices can take up valuable space within switchgear cabinets. A simple and effective way to save space within the cabinets and fulfil the requirements of SPD backup fusing is to utilise surge protection devices that incorporate an integrated backup fuse. DEHN, a leading manufacturer of lightning and surge arresters now offer a range of arresters with integrated backup fuses:

· DEHNvenC

· DEHNbloc® Maxi S

· DEHNguard® M/S CI

· V (A) NH

These surge arresters with integrated backup fuses from DEHN feature the following benefits:

· Up to 75% less space requirements

· Shorter connecting cable lengths in compliance with IEC60364-5-53 and BS7671

· Reduced planning and installation times

· User-friendliness since no external backup fuse must be dimensioned

· Integrated fuse monitoring

For more information, please visit www.dehn.co.uk