Strong demand for uninterruptible power supply

Apr 29, 2015 | UPS & Standby Power

Frost & Sullivan’s new research into the strong demand for uninterruptible power supply (UPS), as industries in Europe are losing €150bn due to power issues, raises some interesting points, especially in terms of manufacturers needing to introduce energy-efficient UPS systems. There is a growing need for manufacturers to reduce carbon footprint and green house gases; energy efficient UPS systems allow this to be achieved. However, it is important that manufacturers look at the type of energy-efficient UPS that is installed and to note that modern industrial UPS systems can be up to 97% efficient, compared to older ones that are typically only 80% efficient.

With budgets tight, looking at the longer-term financial benefits is crucial. Manufacturers will find that older industrial UPS units need to be maintained on a regular basis, with the potential for parts such as circuit boards capacitors & power components needing to be replaced. This can prove an expensive exercise, so whilst older units are reliable, the maintenance required throughout that period will add substantial costs over time, the average life expectancy of industrial-grade UPS systems is around 20 to 30 years, nearly twice the lifetime of a standard commercial UPS system, but within this 20-30 year period many parts will be replaced several times. Modern units need minimal maintenance and will have a 10-15 year life, but are easily maintained, and can also be replaced with a form-fit-function replacement to give 20-30 year life, at a lower cost than an old style custom built industrial UPS. Therefore in summary, modern high efficiency customised industrial UPS systems, offer all the reliability benefits of older style custom built industrial UPS, but also offer significant energy and maintenance cost savings.

It is important for UPS systems to meet the exact requirements of each market, customer and environment in which it will be placed, which can only be achieved through a UPS system that has been tailored to meet individual needs. Installing a customised modern high efficiency UPS, will therefore prove a valuable investment both now and in the future.

Andy Parfitt, sales director, Harland Simon UPS