Master Lock meet all your need for electrical isolation

Thousands of work accidents occur while repairing or servicing industrial equipment. Most of those accidents are due to energy sources that have not been isolated. Therefore robust lockout devices are essential for a successful safety procedure. Expert Electrical Isolation Master Lock® offer a full range of electrical devices that are 17th Edition BS7671 compliant.

4 sizes lock out 99% of miniature circuit breakers allow to lock out 99% of miniature circuit breaker. Red polycarbonate body is durable and impact resistant.


Combine with a thermoplastic padlock to lock the MCB

Non-conductive, anti sparking, non magnetic safety padlock.

406 padlock has a unique key to protect you while you work.

Tough Zenex™ body resists harsh environments, chemicals and solvents, making it extremely versatile and ideal for harsh industrial environments.

Wide operating temperature range from -57ºC to +177ºC

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