Waldenburg, Germany, 06 September 2016 – R. STAHL, a manufacturer of safety equipment for hazardous areas, has launched a new generation of flexible, energy-efficient LED floodlights for hazardous areas.

The new 6125 series (for Zone 1) and 6525 series (for Zone 2) floodlights from R. STAHL achieve excellent luminous flux: 21,000 lm in versions with 210 W power consumption and 12,000 lm in 120 W models. With a luminaire efficiency of 100 lm/W, the LED floodlights are not only far more efficient than conventional HID lights, but also require significantly less maintenance.

High quality TIR lenses minimise scattered light and glare effects and enable light distribution focussed on angles of 10°, 40° or 120°. The floodlights are therefore suitable not only for spot and wide-angle lighting, but can also be installed as pendant lights. The lense panel modules are equipped with hinges for easy installation, maintenance and repair of the removable components.

Even under extreme conditions, the service life of the LED floodlights is specified at 50,000 hours of operation at maximum ambient temperatures. Their superior durability enables them to withstand challenging environments over long periods e.g. in the chemical industry or in oil and gas extraction. Their high tolerance for ambient temperatures across a very broad range from -40°C to +60°C is a standout feature in this product class. Featuring a corrosion-resistant body and relatively low weight, these floodlights are particularly suitable for onshore and offshore applications. Special designs with heat sinks made from seawater-resistant aluminium are also available.

For some applications such as general lighting in production and storage facilities in the food industry, the LED floodlights can be ordered with a scatter protection for the glass front panel. The robust enclosures provide IP66/67 ingress protection and a very high shock and impact resistance (IK10). The floodlights are available in either powder-coated steel sheet or stainless steel. For explosion protection expert R. STAHL, these new floodlights are the final complement to a now comprehensive portfolio of highly efficient LED lighting solutions. R. STAHL presents further information about this new series, LED technology in general and real-life experiences with explosion-proof luminaires in harsh conditions at www.stahl-explorers.com


About R. STAHL

For more than 90 years, R. STAHL has been a trendsetting manufacturer of safety technology for hazardous areas. Based in Waldenburg, Germany, the company is one of the world’s leading suppliers of explosion-protected automation, control and distribution, installation, operating and monitoring, lighting, signalling and alarm components and systems. Key products include customer-specific systems solutions for hazardous areas. R. STAHL’s individual packages containing tailored product combinations and a wide range of services such as consulting, project planning, engineering and training courses for customers are designed to fully meet application requirements and customer needs. International certifications, approvals and patents demonstrate the company’s expertise and allow for R. STAHL’s products to be used throughout the world.