SPIE beats competition to win lighting installation contract at Carrington Power’s new power station

Jul 9, 2015 | Lighting

SPIE, the independent European company working in multi-technical services has been appointed by DF Energy to install site-wide infrastructure lighting and small power at Carrington Power’s new gas power station in Manchester.

As part of its work, SPIE will fix approximately 2,500 light fittings and associated cables; the lighting comprises a mix of normal and ‘hazardous area’ fixtures.

The 880MW power station is expected to have an operational life of more than 25 years. Built on the site of the demolished Carrington coal-fired power station, the new plant will be combined-cycle gas-fired. Its output will be enough to power roughly one million homes; three times the amount generated by the former plant.

Planning permission for the £600m station was granted in 2008 with construction work commencing in 2013. SPIE joined the development in January 2015; the aim is for commercial operations to start in 2016.

Julio Rodriguez, On-shore project manager for DF Energy at Carrington, said: “SPIE was awarded this contract because of its proven ability and technical experience were well-matched with Carrington Project’s high Quality, EHS and Industrial Relations standards.

Richard Owen, general manager, SPIE, said: “We feel privileged to be counted among the 600 people involved in this important development and expect our role to finish in Autumn of this year. SPIE places a great emphasis on the use of technology and on reducing carbon emissions; the new Carrington power station fits perfectly with these values.”