Data centres drive the world.

That is because information is today’s most vital resource. For businesses. For governments. For institutions of all kinds. For every one of us in our daily lives.

The latest developments in data centre infrastructure are allowing organisations to leverage the power of information as never before, making quantum leaps for better service, faster growth, greater success and profit.

Cannon Technologies is a world leader in delivering total data centre infrastructure, offering high tier, resilient performance, more efficiently by operating at higher densities. Our capabilities are hands-on across the whole infrastructure cycle:

  • Phased Growth for Minimised Investment
  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Build & Install – M & E
  • Deploy Worldwide
  • Support 24/7
  • Real Time Control & Monitoring (DCIM/RMM)
  • Improve & Consult
  • Expand

From a completely new build, to an upgrade, to a transformation of your current data centre, Cannon Technologies offers a service of global reach delivered to your location.

Engineering and Technology is in our DNA. Cannon provides skilled, bespoke engineering services which allow our customers to improve their own performance whilst reducing costs.

Through 40 years and more of continuous development, Cannon Technologies retains the flexibility and commitment to provide products & infrastructure, custom-designed, where necessary, to meet your organisation’s needs.

The inventiveness within our standard product solutions, usually minimises the need for major customisation.

We are the full communications, transportation & defence infrastructure product partner you need.

Cannon Technologies design, build, equip and support, some of the largest mission-critical projects within market sectors including:

  • Defence & Security
  • Data Centres
  • Communications
  • Transportation
  • Broadcasting

These include developments in the public and private sectors along with international and national, military, commercial and industrial sectors.

Cannon is the first choice because of our complete coverage of all aspects of infrastructure. We have advanced in-house capabilities in:

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Software
  • R&D
  • Electronics
  • Project Management

Clients gain direct access to best-in-class power supply, cooling, power transmission, and back up, enclosures racks, security, management systems, environmental control technology, and purpose- designed integrated outdoor cabinets, 19” infrastructure, data centre housing and containment.

We control the entire provisioning cycle and can guarantee to deliver some of the most cost-effective solutions designed for the highest performance – fast.

Resilient performance. Complete control

One size does not fit all. Delivering on increasingly intensive data centre projects is about meeting specific priorities, hitting your targets.

Resilience is probably the key factor for data centres today. Cannon Technologies has brought together all the disciplines and technologies to offer graduated tiers of resilience, through to our market-leading modular data centre – which offers market defining levels of availability.

  • Robust high performance and low PUE
  • Cutting edge future-proofed technology
  • Advanced lab-tested and globally proven designs
  • Award-winning innovation
  • Failsafe access control and physical security

“Cannon Command” dash boards

We provide the right environment and best controls to optimise your data centre for your organisation’s requirements.

Moreover, our solutions minimise the trade-off between cost and resilience. All infrastructure is configured and customised to ensure performance and cost control.

The best of all worlds: a turnkey solution – purpose designed and fully supported – offering best value.