Seaward has introduced a special added value – low price Best of British kit for 17th Edition electrical installation testing.

For a limited period only, Seaward is highlighting its presence as one of the few UK manufacturers of 17th edition electrical test equipment with a special kit that incorporates the PowerTest 1557 multifunction tester, a limited edition QuickCheck verification key ring and a calibration certificate.

The handheld and lightweight PowerTest 1557 is a compact all in one installation tester that is designed for maximum portability and ease of use. Special features include an integral cordless probe and fast performance, with earth loop, line loop, PFC and PSC tests with one press of a button in under 5 seconds.

Colour coded tests for earth continuity, insulation resistance, loop impedance, line impedance, RCD tests and voltage measurements can be selected easily using a large rotary switch and simple push button control.

Included in the instrument’s test capabilities are a non-trip loop test, automatic RCD testing, 100V, 250V and 500V insulation test outputs and the ability to zero out test lead resistance for very low resistance measurements.

A handy pocket-sized QuickCheck verification card key ring is included as part of the special edition kit, and enables users to quickly verify that the PowerTest 1557 is still working within specification for earth continuity and insulation resistance tests.

To complete the kit, a manufacturer’s certificate of calibration is included to provide quality assurance.

The Best of British PowerTest 1557 kit, including a free calibration certificate and verification card worth £100, is available at the special price of £299 for a limited period only. More details at