Manufacturers of ‘Ex’ equipment can now use CSA Group-Sira to facilitate the often complex process of achieving Brazilian, Chinese and Russian approvals for their products.

The rules, procedures and processes for these markets can be confusing and CSA Group-Sira Global Market Access (GMA) service enables manufacturers of ‘Ex’ equipment to utilise the resources of CSA Group-Sira to achieve approvals.

How GMA works:

CSA Group-Sira will represent the manufacturer to the Certification Bodies (CB) in Brazil, China or Russia to provide a national certificate by working with manufacturers to ensure that all requirements for documentation, sample preparation, and translation of documentation are met.  Making use of the client’s existing ATEX/IECEx test data to facilitate an approval reduces and often eliminates re-testing requirements shortening the approval period.

The amount of time and resource a manufacturer needs to devote to the project is minimal and the client’s contact point is with the CSA Group-Sira office, rather than direct with each individual national CB.

Facilitation Services Offered:


CSA Group-Sira works with multiple Brazilian CB’s (called OCP’s) who issue the INMETRO mark.

Typically INMETRO approval can be based on acceptance of CSA Group-Sira IECEx test data, meaning that additional re-testing is not necessary. In addition, CSA Group-Sira partners can accept (with prior agreement), CSA Group audit reports and associated documentation therefore reducing the number of audits required.

Translated documentation in accordance with INMETRO Portaria 179 is required, and CSA Group-Sira can provide guidance to the manufacturer on how this should be written. Estimated duration for the certification project is around 6-8 weeks.

The validity of the certificate is 3 years and, following certification, the Brazilian CB will perform a desk-based review of the certification file every 18 months to ensure the product is in line with current requirements.


CSA Group-Sira has relationships with multiple Chinese CB’s to facilitate the NEPSI ‘Ex’ and CQST Explosion Safety certificates.

Again, acceptance of CSA Group-Sira test data typically ensures that no audit or re-testing is required.

CSA Group-Sira will work with the client to ensure all relevant application documents and product data is prepared correctly and submitted to the Chinese CB.

Both NEPSI and CQST certificates have a 5-year validity period.


The rules for certification of Ex equipment in Russia changed in February 2013 with the introduction of the Technical Regulation of the Custom Union (TR CU 012/2011), which replaces the GOST-R Ex route.

The “Customs Union” is an agreement between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan to harmonise standards and promote the free movement of goods across the three regions, and the introduction of TR CU 012/2011 ensures one approval mark for export to all three regions.

Manufacturers therefore wishing to export equipment to Russia, Belarus or Kazakhstan should apply for TR CU 012/2011 certification and not GOST approval.

Member-Status of the Customs Union

CSA Group-Sira works with our business partner to assist manufacturers in gaining the Custom Union approval.

Typically this is based on acceptance of CSA Group-Sira IECEx data with no-testing required.

The Russian CB will perform an initial site audit of the manufacturing process, and issue a certification with 5-year validity. A further surveillance audit is required during this period of certification.

In addition to Russian-translated documentation such as an instruction manual, the manufacturer must also prepare a “technical passport” for the equipment, which covers the technical parameters and purpose of the equipment.

To obtain certification to TR CU 012/2011, the manufacturer must also have legal representation in a Custom Unions country – this could be a sister office, agent or distributor for example.

Product certificates take approximately 4-6 weeks to achieve.

Japan and South Korea

CSA Group-Sira also works with local authorities and agencies within Japan and South Korea, and would be happy to explain how manufacturers can make use of this relationship. Please contact us for details.

This article provides general information about the various regulatory requirements of the countries listed. It is not intended to be an exhaustive, full list and is subject to change. Please contact CSA Group-Sira for further details.

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