Simmtronic highlights its comprehensive systems

Dec 1, 2021 | Lighting

Simmtronic is a lighting controls specialist, providing truly intelligent IoT-enabled lighting control systems for clients of every shape and size across the UK. As an entirely UK-based manufacturer, they specialise in delivering commercial projects.

Simmtronic offer a full range of easy-to-use comprehensive systems to service its client’s constantly evolving requirements: from the simplest switching schemes and wiring marshalling boxes, to its fully addressable SPECS lighting control system and smart technology software/hardware innovations, such as: the interactive SPS.20 Advanced Touch Screen Switch Plate, Bluetooth coverage, Live Viewer Software and Smart Building Interfacing via the company’s MQTT Publisher.

MQTT efficiently exchanges vast amounts of dynamic building-wide status information to achieve enhanced building performance and utilisation.

Simmtronic products are designed by skilled personnel with extensive hands-on lighting controls experience derived from real projects, client expectation and direct on-site exposure.