Servowatch Systems partners with Harland Simon UPS for high profile Government project

Mar 20, 2015 | UPS & Standby Power

Servowatch Systems, global supplier of advanced integrated ship control systems, has partnered with Harland Simon UPS, provider of rugged uninterruptible power solutions, to supply UPS’ for on-board ship back-up systems as part of a national Government marine project.

Harland Simon UPS has provided a compact and practical UPS system, from its Harland ProtectUPS – Marine range, for the Integrated Platform Management Systems (IPMS) supplied by Servowatch Systems that support the consoles and auxiliaries across ships as part of the project. Sixteen custom UPS units have been supplied for the project so far, each comprising of a Commercial Off The Shelf, Alternating Current (COTS AC) UPS on runners integrated into an IP54 steel enclosure with sliding battery trays for ease of maintenance.

Rory Slack, supply chain manager, Servowatch Systems, commented, “We looked at a number of providers to supply the hardware for this project, however Harland Simon UPS stood out as being the best UK UPS supplier and took the time to understand exactly what the project required, which was essential given the high status of the project itself.”

“The Harland Simon UPS team used its expertise to bring together a complete package that met the specific requirements of our customer. The team was also extremely efficient in helping us to design a UPS that fulfilled our exact needs,” continues Slack. “What really made the solution work is that it wasn’t a complete off-the-shelf product. An off-the-shelf product wouldn’t have worked for us due to the nature and scale of the project.”

Important tests have been carried out as part of the development process, including a full inspection to determine whether the unit was fit for purpose. “The prominence of this project means that it was vital to get everything right from the offset and at every stage until completion. With the help of Harland Simon UPS’ support and expertise, the agreed completion date was met.”

The Government project for which Harland Simon UPS is supplying the UPS systems involves over 45 suppliers, each of which is crucial for delivering the desired results. “Harland Simon UPS has been very professional and easy to work with, and we have in fact already secured more UPS systems with them for a separate project, so look forward to continuing to work with them.”

As well as supplying UPS systems, Harland Simon UPS’ capabilities include designing, manufacturing and consulting on a variety of both offshore and onshore ventures.