SAS, the leader in analytics, has become a ‘business’ and ‘beyond digital’ member of Eurelectric, a network representing more than 3,500 companies across the European electricity industry.

The parties will work together to share best practice on how analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) can help tackle decarbonisation, improve efficiency and drive digitalisation.

Eurelectric aims to contribute to the competitiveness of the electricity industry by providing effective representation in public affairs and promoting the industry’s role to decarbonise the economy. It represents the power sector in 32 European countries and can draw on more than 1,000 industry experts to ensure policy positions and opinions reflect the most recent developments in the sector.

Like other industries, electricity is seeing a drive towards digital transformation and use of advanced analytics thanks to more data being generated more quickly than ever before from devices like smart meters, a more complex grid system and the need to ensure a reliable and stable electricity supply, as well as the challenge of how best to achieve decarbonisation. Eurelectric’s members are committed to reaching a carbon-neutral electricity mix in Europe well before mid-century and to ensuring competitive pricing throughout the integrated European energy market.

“As we progress towards full decarbonisation of the European economy, electricity will increasingly become the energy source of choice for industry, buildings and transport. So there will be an increasing need to maintain the reliability of electricity, whilst integrating massive shares of distributed energy sources, connecting grid-edge technologies and actively engaging with consumers,” explained Kristian Ruby, Secretary General of Eurelectric.

“The promise of a cleaner future relies on the ability of our infrastructure to handle more load and more complex flows. We need to reinforce them, but also ensure increased uptake of innovative digital technologies that enable operators to better monitor and manage the grids. I welcome SAS’ expertise as the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will certainly help the processes, enabling real-time observations, better balancing and improving grid responsiveness in an increasingly interconnected energy system.”

SAS CEO Jim Goodnight said: “We are delighted to be part of Eurelectric’s efforts to help the European energy sector use advanced analytics and AI to tackle the global challenge of decarbonisation. Technology can play a huge role in the electricity industry, such as more accurate forecasting of supply and demand across a complex grid system, optimising processes and detecting energy waste to maximise efficiency, as well as having a better understanding of customers and their changing needs and behaviours.”