Safeguarding for up to 30 minutes

Apr 2, 2013 | UPS & Standby Power

Weidmüller’s DC-UPS safeguards against mains power failures for up to 30 minutes at 40A

Weidmüller’s uninterruptible power supply (DC-UPS) offers 24V DC power supply for automation applications. The DC-UPS avoids costly machinery and system down-time and keeps safety functions, process controls and communications up and running for a defined period of time. If a power outage occurs at the system input, the DC-UPS provides 24V to the automated components, without interruption, for a pre-defined period of time. This way, machinery and systems can be switched to a defined status or even continue to operate without change.

The maintenance-free buffer module is well suited for short interruptions in the range of several 100 milliseconds – depending on usage, customers can get a life time of up to ten years from the device. The UPS controller, in connection with a battery module, bridges longer mains power failures safely and reliably. This module provides power up to 40A for 30 minutes or 1A for 30 hours, depending on the requirement.

The temperature compensated charging feature ensures a long battery life. Four finely graded battery modules between 3.4 and 17Ah offer a tailored solution. The Weidmüller DC-UPS controllers can be installed adjacent to one other, so they take up only 66mm of width in the cabinet. TÜV certification and the upcoming cURus, cULus approvals facilitate the use of these products around the world.

A complete DC-UPS system can be assembled with the UPS controller, the corresponding battery module and the primary power supply. The system provides ‘back-up power’ for automation components in the range of minutes or hours. The modular set-up facilitates division of the total load into ‘unsecured’ and ‘secured’ load circuits, so that a smaller UPS can often be utilised.

The UPS controllers feature a status indicator and range settings for custom fit usage. In addition to the three relay contacts, there are three active transistor outputs available to wire an external monitoring unit. Every signal output can be inverted using a DIP switch. A control input to the battery lock (interlock) makes it possible to freely switch between the UPS and the battery, ensuring technicians can safely work on the controls during service calls.

A range of battery modules are available from 3.4 to 17Ah, equipped with maintenance-free AGM VRLA batteries. The temperature sensors integrated into the battery module can be connected to the DC-UPS via the ‘temp’ input. The DC-UPS then measures the battery temperature and automatically conducts charging voltage according to the temperature compensated charging recognition, which maximises the battery lifetime. There is a charge indicator along with status and error indicators for quick error analysis. The UPS controllers are equipped with charge and discharge monitors. Protective mechanisms against over discharge and deep discharge, reverse polarity and power overload have also been implemented.

There are currently four battery variants available (24V DC 3.4 Ah/ 7.2 Ah/ 12 Ah/ 17 Ah). The UPS controller, in both the 24V 20A/10A and 24V 40A variants, and the DC BUFFER 24V 20A buffer module, are suitable for use in broad temperature ranges of -25°C to 70°C and can be installed without space between the units.


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