HBM has launched the SomatXR measuring amplifier for mobile data acquisition testing in extreme and very demanding environmental conditions. The SomatXR range has been designed with particular regard for the testing requirements in construction, agricultural, and mining machinery as well as for all-weather and year-round road vehicle tests. Tests based on the MIL-202 standard indicated a vibration resistance of 10g and an impact resistance of 70g.

There are three different modules in the range, each featuring 16 individually configurable and galvanically isolated inputs and providing support for numerous different transducer technologies. The SomatXR amplifiers are protected against moisture, dust, shock and vibration. All modules meet protection class IP65/IP67 and can be operated within a -40°C to +80°C range making them highly suited to measurements under very challenging ambient conditions outside the laboratory. Individual modules can either be distributed spatially or deployed centrally depending on requirements.

Finn Lange, HBM’s Product Manager says, “The SomatXR measuring amplifiers guarantee precise measurement results, even in tough environments and have been extensively tested under real conditions. For example, resistance against sudden temperature fluctuations was proven through the use of thermal shock tests”.

The SomatXR measuring amplifier range is very flexible since it is possible to measure mechanical stresses, currents and temperatures by connecting strain gauges, resistors, potentiometers and piezoelectric sensors to the amplifiers. The amplifiers can easily be connected to other measurement data acquisition systems such as HBM’s QuantumX for both mobile and stationary testing.