Rexel have unveiled a brand new Nest demonstration and training area at BRE Innovation Park based in Watford.
Rexel’s Sigma House facility at BRE places sustainability at the very core, with each room highlighting the newest products that tackle energy efficiency and the smarter home concept. Room 5 in Rexel’s house will now be home to a dedicated Nest training area, showcasing the revolutionary Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarms.
With purpose-built training materials, visitors will be able to see demonstrations of Nest products, as well as have the opportunity to view interactive videos, interact with the products and see them working in live situ.
The intuitive Nest Thermostat takes away the hassle of programming by learning the household schedule. Interactive demonstrations will illustrate how with built-in sensors, the thermostat even knows when no one is home, triggering the Auto-Away feature to automatically turn down the temperature and help save energy.  There is also the added bonus of being able to control the temperature from a smartphone, tablet or computer – which visitors to Sigma House will be able to try in person.
Guests will also be able to see the highly intelligent Nest Protect in action. Unlike traditional systems, it does much more than just sound a shrill alarm when there’s danger in the home; it actually speaks to the user with a human voice, telling them what and where the danger is. And, as visitors will see, it can even send alert a phone via the Nest app just in case the homeowner is out.
Alexandra Berger, Rexel UK marketing director commented: “Working in co-operation with suppliers such as Nest, ensures our customers can be one step ahead of the competition. This new demonstration area will allow customers to see and interact with the revolutionary Nest products, and witness first-hand the intelligent design that is behind the latest in home automation.”
BRE Innovation Park was designed as a flagship training and demonstration facility for industry specialists to exhibit the latest innovations in construction practices, technologies and systems. The Nest demonstration and training area at Rexel’s Innovation Centre will be on show until 31st August 2017.