The Raychem heating cable range provides safe, simple and efficient pipe-freeze protection. Designed using a unique combination of self-regulating and Low-Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) properties, it provides superior performance and durability as well as improved energy efficiency.


XL-Trace LSZH flammability test results

CR Jacket LSZH Jacket


Unparalleled building safety

The safety credentials of any product installed within commercial and residential buildings play a significant role in the decision-making process. Successful fire safety design, for example, requires an understanding of a wide range of issues and considerations, such as fire source, smoke movement, heat transfer to the building structure, detection, human behaviour and toxicity – all of which must also comply with industry regulations and regional standards.

Thanks to a new LSZH jacket material, the XL-Trace product range offers unparalleled building safety. The cables are compliant with the latest IEC61034-2 requirements for low-smoke testing (with compliance to IEC61034-2), and provide extreme resistance under the IEC62395 flammability test. The innovative range also reduces the risk of toxic smoke inhalation in the event of a building fire and minimizes smoke emissions by up to 90 per cent, compared to typical polyolefin jacketed solutions.


Energy efficient protection against winter

With UK winter temperatures regularly dipping to -12°C in some rural areas and -7°C in urban areas, it is also critical that buildings are adequately protected against cold weather and the risks it poses to building infrastructure. Burst water pipes, for example, are a common occurrence that can result in significant damage and costly repairs.